WTB Crossfire Account ll Loads of Weapons

Discussion in 'Marketplace Talk' started by kittenxtreme, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. kittenxtreme

    kittenxtreme New Member

    Hey, title says it all, looking for an crossfire account with LOADS of weapons. Not just 1 page of goodies, nope. Looking for a maxed out crossfire account with a LOT of ZP guns, Vips, melee weapons , .. Just the complete picture.
    If you think you got what I need, I got the price for it & I can proof it!
    Sales will be done with a Middleman from THIS WEBSITE, that I WILL choose (a verified MM ofcourse). Do NOT try anything otherwise! [​IMG]

    If you think you got what I want, feel free to add me on discord: KittenxTreme#9633

    Have a nice day!

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