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    this is a simple BOT for Pokémon Vortex v3 - Online Pokémon RPG.

    Newest Version: Download this Version!


    What can it do?
    Well, it battles with a trainer, you will get Money and EP!
    It catches all non-captured Pokemon on a map or specified Pokemon!
    It battles the Gym and Frontier for you!

    1. First Textbox, you need to type the trainername e.g. trainingdark he has one level 18 Pokemon.
    2. Second Textbox, Pokemon ID (just click on your Pokemon, BOT interface)
    3. Thrid Textbox, Well choose your attack 1-4
    4. Checkbox, Important, battle with your first Pokemon! After the Pokemon is 100, the BOT will pick one from ALL caught Pokemon (not Team!) and level it.
    -Catches ALL not captured Pokemon
    -You can also create textfiles (ONE Pokemon per line!) and hunt them! (if you only want one of each, use "Remove from list.." nad "Ignore caught Pokemon"
    -You cant save new textfiles with the bot, well just make emtpy one and load it with the BOT, than you can
    1. First Textbox, Well choose your attack 1-4
    4. Checkbox, Skips a Gym leader if you can't defeat him 5x in a row

    -(All)If you change something like checking a Checkbox, you need to 'Stop' the BOT and press 'Battle'. 'Start Catching' or 'Battle Gym' again. (except Day/Night Toggle, you can change it while Catcher is running!)
    -(Battle/Gym)The BOT waits for ~10 seconds before refight. ('cause if you fight before 10 seconds after a Battle you wont get anything)
    -(Battle/Gym)Choose a good attack, e.g. no normal attack vs ghost (well didn't test it, but I think it wont work!!), this is important, if you fight against a trainer with multiple Pokemon.
    -(Gym)Gym Bot works fine, you should use strong Pokemon 6x lvl 100 I beat almost all Gyms/Frontier with this Bot, just 4 by myself, 'cause Bot was to bad :<
    -(Catch)Dont check "Use Master Ball if only one Pokemon left" if you only have 1 Team Pokemon or your team is too weak. Ultra Balls are enough for all Pokemon (except Legendary), use this checkbox only after you can catch legendary Pokemon!
    -(ALL) If you change your team via Browser (switch Pokemon) you need to restart the Program/BOT (you can still change the Pokemon order, but if you remove or add one, you need to restart the Program

    Well, the Code isn't that readable, but maeh... D:

    Older Updates
    -Shows Message how many Pokemon left if "Level ALL to 100" is active (It shows it, after the first Pokemon was switched)
    -Changed Attack textbox to combobox, well.. maybe someone writes "1234" or something?
    -Reduced Code
    -Removed Confuser (No Virus alarm)
    -Fixed Gym (Drake Bug)
    -Fixed Capture Bug, shows correct message, if you read "Sorry.." it means, you didn't capture the Pokemon.
    -Fixed Level Bug, now it levels ALL Pokemon, previously it didn't (well I'm testing this with ~2k Pokemon, now it levels all of them)
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