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    Everyone knows these "Instagram bot pages" that pull a pointless money from your pocket. I will offer you the whole thing for free as a trial version. I'm looking for testers to test the program for different scenarios and bugs, because I can not think of everything.

    For example, it is no problem for the bot to see if you are logged in, and then move on to the appropriate place, as well as if you have entered your password incorrectly, there will be no complications. - All data will be deleted from your computer after exiting the program (ie user name and password will be deleted by program) and must be re-entered each time the program is restarted. A .ini / config file will follow later.

    Pictures from the Bot

    Features :
    • Follow Follower of ...: a username from Instagram must be given, whose follower follows her! (look for one with many followers)
    • Defollow only: open your subscriber list and follow from top to bottom 30 people per session, you can set the break (I recommend 10-20 minutes)
    • Defollow during the break: only with " Follow follower of ... "executable, since first the followers of the given person are followed, then you oust 30 people and after that there is a break (I recommend 20-30 minutes, since you perform 60 actions within ~ 2-3 minutes, otherwise it can be blocked)
    • Save settings: so that you can follow the break time, the Follows / Likes per break, the username of followers you and save the language
    • Multi-Language: all functions are available in German / English
    • Information tab: this provides you with information about your current number of followers, your total Follows / Defollows / Likes and a log-window which announces you with time what is being done
    • export log file: do you want to see your actions, your followers you have won, etc. then can you can export the log file during the break time (location is where your bot is)
    • Control window: if something does not work, you can go to the "Control" tab and see what the bot is currently doing live.
    • Follow statistics: write your current follower number into a .ini file when starting the program, and read it out and turn it into a "Follower Lost / Follower Lost" statistic, should you have gained / lost followers, you will also see this in the log window.
    • Weekly bugfixes and feature enhancements: depending on the time, bug's will be fixed as well as possible Features Will

    Become Common Mistakes:
    • You should not press anything while logging in,because that window is in focus and every input made is also transferred to the bot (unfortunately can not fixxen)
    • if the bot is active, you should not do any interactions in the control window! no scrolling, no "follow / unset" press, nothing!
    • stopping the bottel works only during the break time
    • there is an emergency stop with the key "F2"
    • if your Instagram is in the language "English", the first login is faulty, but the second attempt

    goes up the log-in phase, and the first action after the break (ie the first follow / defollow) runs the program in the background!

    Originally Posted by avenger2k [​IMG]
    Have received the source code of the bot, is not malicious software and works fine except for little things. Many Thanks[​IMG]


    [IN PROGRESS]: Build Time Converter
    Aim: Since the bot uses milliseconds as an indication, I would like to include a calculator that will calculate your number of minutes in milliseconds. (so that you do not have to go to Google)
    Progress: 0%

    [IN PROGRESS]: Runtime status of the program
    Goal: The bot should show you how long you have been open the program since pressing the "Start button".
    Progress: 0%

    [IN PROGRESS]: Like function
    Goal: The bot should like the respective pictures by entering hashtags.
    Goal # 2: The bot should like the pictures of people being followed.
    Progress: 0%

    [IMPLEMENTED]: small statistics for follower numbers
    Objective: The bot will create a small statistic in a separate tab for your followers. You will see your winnings / losses as soon as you log in your account and when you first read out the number of followers.
    Progress: 100%

    [IMPLEMENTED]: Revision of the log window
    Objective: The user should be able to export the log window.
    Progress: 100%

    [IMPLEMENTED]: Revise the language of the bot
    Target: The bot should be able to change the language from English to German and vice versa.
    Progress: 100%

    [IMPLEMENTED]: Save settings
    Objective: The bot is able to save and load the account data, the number of followers per break, the length of the break, as well as the name of the person whose followers should be followed.
    Progress: 100%

    [IMPLEMENTED]: Log window
    Target: The bot has its own log window in the information tab and displays its current action with time.
    Progress: 100%

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