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    As i saw a lot of people around wanting this, and still no avaiable source with working scans, i thought about sharing it myself.

    For anyone not knowing him, Enigma is a very reputable coder on various forums.
    Original release of this was on OC.

    Very basic tool for showing monsters, chests and wreckables on minimap.
    Source can be found at GitHub - Enigma32/Enigma.D3 (not updated for latest version yet)
    Posting a compiled version here as I've seen someone taking money for a compiled version with virtually no improvement.

    Not going to upload previous builds since they are outdated anyway

    * follows the large map (tab) when visible.



    Get an error indicating D3DCOMPILER_47.dll missing on Windows 7?
    Try follow this link for a solution:

    Can't see anything on the minimap?
    Make sure game runs in Windowed mode, either Windowed or Windowed (Fullscreen).


    I do not take any credits for this as im just sharing, all credits to Enigma
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    Please always scan the files you are downloading with VirusTotal

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