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    Hello everyone! [​IMG]

    I'm here again, because old Discord server was deleted, so please join new one!

    We finished with testing our new PUBG radar and started selling.
    We are providing for each customer different custom VPN. This will prevent to leak list of used IP addresses.

    1. Enemy position (you can also enable nicknames or distance)
    2. Vehicles
    3. Loot (weapons, heals, ammo, attachments, airdrops)
    4. You can customize colors
    5. Zoom in / zoom out map
    6. You can choose which loot exactly do you want to see on radar

    To make this radar work you need to use Proxifier, but video tutorial how to setup radar is on my Discord (link below).

    Starting price is 80€ per 1 year access (ends 31th December 2019).
    I'm not offering lifetime access or any other options.

    Radar preview:

    If you are interested, join my discord and write me private message [​IMG]

    Discord invite code: DbaCpua
    Discord invite link:
    My discord contact: Ricky#7911

    Added new feature, you can now change color to some specific players on radar.

    Added new feature, you can now change color on radar to some specific players

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