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Discussion in 'Other Popular Games' started by Ricky52, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. Ricky52

    Ricky52 New Member

    Hello Everyone

    Watch it :)

    Is the edit good or shit??
  2. Iniinfi

    Iniinfi New Member

    well around 55 seconds you aim on an enemy left of your tree (one out of 3 enemies) and shoot on him, then you take cover and peek around the other side of the tree and aim on the right enemy and the aimbot locks on the very left wrong.. wich isn't good imo.
    Showing that the bot isn't made "good" cause it doesn't look to the target closest to what you aim on X Y axis.. but instead the one closest to the top left corner of your FOV

    if you made that hack, fix that shit ^^

    The edit itself- idk good old counterstrike movies were the shit but this is just boring to watch to be honest.
    it shows a hack that looks like 10000000s others and does the same as 1000000 others and then there is not even METAL MUSIC but somebody who can't even hit an afk with the PAN.. :p

    undetected and working PUBG pak hider
  3. Abertren

    Abertren Member

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