Diablo 2 Hacked Mockduells(part 2a)

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    Part 2 - Advanced
    Mana is used to keep our energy shield alive, because as said before the 95% of the damage that is dealt to our life is going to our manapool instead and the rest 5% is hitting our life

    Here I would like to explain what kinds of mana there is and what is the most used mana values I also explain whats a bad mana range and whats a good one.

    First we start out with the most used low mana values ( all the numbers is in millions )

    1.179 - 1.27 – Some people also use higher mana for low but its kinda useless because it is just taking up more space. For low mana we need resistance to survive.

    Positive Sides – The positive side for low mana is that it needs a high low aura to actually double hit it without healing it too much.

    Negative Sides – Low mana sucks as hell against Shiver and will pop in most cases, it is possible to creat a low mana that is stable against shiver but it's a harder work to do. If your build is only based on a low mana with no mana switch use 0 resistance and 0 absorb against light auras. Low mana has a bad point to light aura.

    Second we have the med mana values

    1.3 -1.4 – this is my preferred med mana values, we also need some resistance to survive with med mana I prefer 1.3 for med mana because it is using a low file size.

    Positive Sides – The positive side for the med mana is that it is surviving against low aura and high aura but intakes some damage from both, also has no popping values against shiver. To kill med mana we could just creat a med aura.

    Negative Sides – It is decent and still not as good working as high mana and low mana for a high mana we need a specific high aura to kill it and for a low mana we need a specific low mana to kill it ( or shiver ) but for med mana both aura hits in the range and can harm it. So since our regen isn't the best for LPJ setups I prefer only using med manas as host/hpj.

    Last we have the High mana values.

    1.4 -1.57 – The 1.572 mana is the most used & the best high mana we can use, its low file sized and we need a lot of damage to actually double hit the mana. Don't get over the 1572863 mana, just 1 point over and you are in the bad mana range.

    Positive Side – Well the positive side is that we can use -100 Resistance together with high absorb to actually have a very very nice regeneration against high auras. We can also use High resistance but I don't prefer that for Lower position joiner.

    Negative Side – If we use the -100 Resistance and your opponent is using "Capped" Aura he can actually kill us just by his aura. But the "Capped" Aura does not work against resistance so people is not using that so often ( unless using a switch or a lot of pierce which takes up some file size )

    Now for the bad ranges of mana and the good ranges of mana together with the different Telekinesis levels – Negative = Bad, Positive = Good.

    Mana Range/30tkl:
    30tkl has four positive and four negative mana ranges of 1048576.

    0 to 1048575 positive range Too low it does not have a reserve
    1048576 to 2097151 negative range
    2097152 to 3145727 positive range
    The advantage and/or disadvantage for this mana is it twice as much is like if one Telekinesis level 31 to 99 used. Those would be favorable fact that one would have more mana for the prayer aura, this uses independently of Telekinesis level a certain quantity mana and also this mana one has twice as much available mana.

    The disadvantage is however that one for the double mana value also twice as much time need around it again to regenerate. This mana setup even if high mana with -100% resi and no stun can't be immun to capped shiver if host speed, capped smite dmg.
    3145728 to 4194303 negative range
    4194304 to 5242879 positive range Is like 2097152 to 3145727 but takes up more file size.
    5242880 to 6291455 negative range
    6291456 to 7340031 positive range Like the others above.
    7340032 to 8388607 negative range

    Mana Range/31tkl:
    31tkl has eight positive and eight negative mana ranges of 524288.

    0 to 524287 positive range This mana value is too low, strong auras would destroy the energy shild
    524288 to 1048575 negative
    1048576 to 1572863 positive range The most common values, you can use higher dtm with them
    1572864 to 2097151 negative range
    2097152 to 2621439 positive range Works like the one above but takes more file size and lower dtm.
    2621440 to 3145727 negative range
    3145728 to 3670015 positive range
    3670016 to 4194303 negative range
    4194304 to 4718591 positive range
    4718592 to 5242879 negative range
    5242880 to 5767167 positive range
    5767168 to 6291455 negative range
    6291456 to 6815743 positive range Only with 1.09 version char possible (or with SG, CE, Mod)
    6815744 to 7340031 negative range
    7340032 to 7864319 positive range Only with 1.09 version char possible (or with SG, CE, Mod)
    7864320 to 8388607 negative range

    Mana Regeneration
    Mana Regeneration is very important, that's the thing that keeps our manapool up. We need our mana regeneration capped the cap is before the mana regeneration sends your mana to 0/ mana.

    Well there is two ways to regenerate your mana. The first one is 255% Mana Regeneration – this one is totally a waste of file space. But here is some regeneration calculations

    More mana = less mana regeneration if we have to much our mana would go to 0 we can calculate the mana regeneration. Below is stated how to do it.

    (8388607 / our mana)*3000-100= mana regeneration we need

    (8388607/1572863)*3000-100=15900% for mana 1572863 we need 15900% mana regeneration
    (8388607/1310720)*3000-100=19100% for mana 1310720 we need 19100% mana regeneration
    (8388607/1212416)*3000-100=20656% for mana 1212416 we need 20656% mana regeneration

    Meditation is saving you a whole lot of file space, so you are probably wondering how do we calculate Mana Regeneration to Meditation.

    First level meditation we add gives us 300% Mana Regeneration, last levels we add will give us 25% per level. So here is how to calculate your regeneration to meditation.

    (meditationlevel-1)+300*25 = mana regeneration we got by meditation.

    558-1 = 557
    557*25 = 13925
    13925 + 300 = 14225

    Now let us calculate a meditation value for 1.572.863
    We need 15900% mana regeneration to get this mana capped. So what we actually do is just calculating

    (Mana Regeneration%-300)/25+1 = meditation we need to our chosen mana.

    15900-300 = 15600
    15600/25 =624
    624 + 1 = 625

    But since we use Warmth level 99 we also need to take off some mana regeneration% from 15900. Warmth level 99 = 1206% so the real calculation will be

    15900-300 = 15600
    15600-1206 = 14394
    14394/25 = 575
    575+1 = 576

    Damage Goes to Mana%
    Damage Goes to Mana well the damage that is dealt to your life is multiplied by the % DTM you use and will be send as a regeneration to your mana pool. If we got a 1.xx mana we can heal up to 6.x mil mana but if we use 5.x mana we can only heal around 3 million. This means that if you get over the 8388607 mana you will overheal and your mana will be sended to 1 and your energy shield breaks. If you are Host/HPJ or Nonprayer your mana cannot be sended to the bad mana range. But for LPJ if damage is capped you get 713.032 + bad mana damage and baam you pop. So DTM is also depending on your DR, your joiner position, your prayer and your opponents damage.

    Damage Reduce
    Damage Reduce Damage Reduce ( DR for short ) is used to reduce some of the damage your opponent is dealing to you so you won't intake as much damage to your life. If you add it to everything but not your weapon you should get 178 x 63 = 11.214 damage reduced.

    Damage Reduce% Damage Reduce% ( DR% for short ) is needed to get your mock pi to work. You just add 1 time 255% Damage Reduce but the max Damage you can reduce by this is 50%. So the damage dealt to you is now reduced by 50%. Normal damage dealt to you without Energy Shield is 1.42 Million now only 713.032 damage if opponents damage is capped. If we have energy shield turned on and our DR 63 is maxed out our opponent damage will only do 30044 damage per hit. If he have capped smite and we have capped thorns and if our aura pings his mana to 0/1048576 we deal out 713.032 damage and if we are HPJ & he is LPJ we will deal out extra damage to his bad mana range. If you are attacking you won't always hit him in the bad mana range but you will see that he has bigger pops. If you are LPJ and your opponent is HPJ you can only deal the 30044 damage per hit, but every 2 second you hit 713.032 damage if aura pings his mana pool to 0/1048576.

    Life we can get up above little over 8 million before our life rolls & turns to 1. Life 4 million is very low but you cannot overheal with it, but up around 6.5 – 7.6 is my preferred life. Don't go higher than 7.9 million this might give you overheal. For life we can use 479 life & 53% life, but to save our file size we use 479 life and Oak Sage Aura 620 x 4 is enough.

    Absorb & Resistance
    Absorb & Resistance will just explain quick about absorb(bocl) & resistance(bocl). Well I normally just fill up as much absorb as possible to get the highest regeneration from your opponent's aura. Remember the more resistance the less healing by aura. 1.57 mana ( High mana ) works very nice with -100 resistance but dies vs capped aura & might pop against capped shiver ( 8.388.598 PVM – 8.388.598 x 0,17 = 1.426.062,66 PVP ).

    A low mana needs resistance to survive nearly any aura, therefore i normally use a mana switcher from 1.26/1.27 20k resistance to 1.57 -100 setup. This is a pretty good switch because if your opponent aura is meant to kill let us say 1.27 mana with resistance then you can switch to a -100 1.57 mana and you will be nearly unkillable to him. Other way around you cannot die to a capped aura with a 1.27 mana. You will also need 127% Holy Fire, Holy Freeze & Holy Light Absorb.
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