Diablo 2 Hacked Mockduells(part 1)

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    Hello everyone and welcome to my guide.

    This is an easy guide to understand but still it explain the most important stuff to know.

    First i would like to give out some credits.

    Calmund - For the Active Sources and Calculations.
    Bhaad - For helping me with the guide and helping me learning the patch 1.12/1.13 open bnet
    Risingsun - For helping me a little with the guide and like bhaad also learning about the patch 1.12/1.13 open bnet

    Now lets start out with the Basics things we need to know before we creat our character.

    Diablo II Patch 1.12 Hacking Guide Part 1 - Basic

    Part 1 - Basic
    - What is a mock
    - How to creat ith jewel
    - How to make items setted
    Physical Immunity (PI) The Defensive Part
    - Life
    - Energy Shield
    - Mana
    - Telekinesis
    - Damage Reduce 255% & Damage Reduce 63
    - Absorb
    - Resistance
    - Life Regeneration
    - NV Dodge/Avoid/Evade
    Active Sources, Auras, Smite, etc The Offensive Part
    - Auras
    - Active Sources
    - Smite Damage
    - Speed
    - Target Defense%
    - Attack rating
    - Non-Visible States

    Part 1 - Basic

    What is a mock

    A mock PI is the most used & funniest way to build a character, the so called mock is created by the following things: Life, Mana, Mana Regeneration, Damage Reduce ( DR for short ), Absorb ( Abs for short ), Resistance ( Res or Resi for short ), Damage Goes to Mana% ( DTM% for short), NV Passive Dodge, Avoid, Evade ( NV D/A/E for short ), Energy Shield ( ES for short ), Telekinesis ( TK or Tlk for short ), Prayer, Thorns, Barbs, Holy auras & ofc a damage dealt to your opponent.
    Mock PI is very interesting because it is pretty hard to get a great working mock, and it has a lot of things you need to think of before you can get it to work the right way. You need to test instantly to get it to work the way you like it.

    How to create ith jewel

    An ith jewel is a jewel with a rune word added to it. When you have an Ith jewel, you can add magic, and rune magic to the item giving double the effect.

    To make an ITH Jewel follow these steps.

    1. Click Extra
    2. Click Item/Character Create
    3. Click All Items
    4. Click Misc
    5. Click Other
    6. Click Jewel & Save new item to pickedup
    7. Right Click the jewel and click General Edit Of Item(In Extras Window) or move the mouse over the jewel and hold down “ctrl” while pressing “g”
    8. Click Basic1 and find were it says Item Given A Runeword Flag set it to true
    9. Now you are able to add attributes to Magic and Runemagic

    How to make item setted

    A setted item is were we have 1-5 more magic's available. Use Sigons set – sigons is 6 setted. This is the only working set item that is except of immortal king but for immortal king I will explain later what we need to do to make it work.

    To make an Item Setted follow these steps.

    1. Open the item you like setted – Must be 6 items at least
    2. Click Basic2
    3. Click Item’s Quality
    4. Click Part of a Set
    5. Go back and Click Quality
    6. Now find the different Sigon’s
    7. For each item you have setted use a different sigon, like helm Sigon’s Gage, Armor Sigon’s Wrap, Amulet Sigon’s Guard, etc, etc.
    8. Now you are able to do edit set 1-5 at your item.

    Physical Immunity ( PI ) The Defensive Part
    Physical Immunity means PI for short and it is used to reduce the damage with Energy Shield ( ES for short ) by 95% Together with Damage Reduce ( DR for short ) at the end the damage to life is now low and we can heal us with the prayer aura or/and absorb. Damage Goes to Mana ( DTM for short ) and mana regeneration ( Mana Reg for short ) would heal our mana to keep the ES alive.

    Now you are ready to get some information about the different things to creat a Mock PI

    Life is our life - without setted items we can reach about 5 million life which is way to low, with setted items we can reach up around 8.3 million before our life rolls and turns to 1. But 8.x million is little too high so we go for around 6.5 – 7.6 million ( my preferred value ) feel free to use up to around 7.8 – 7.9 million. We can receive our life by adding Life 479, Life 53% and oak sage aura. We can also add Life based on character level or Life by time but this is a waste of file size.

    Energy Shield the energy shield would absorb 95% of the damage and only 5% would go to life if made correctly. We set our Energy Shield in the skill tree.

    Mana is the thing we use to get out Energy Shield stable, there is bad mana points and there is good – some call it negative and positive I just call it bad or good. With telekinesis 31-99 mana 1.179-1.572 million mana is what we need. 1.179 – 1.27 = low mana, 1.3-1.4 = med mana, 1.4-1.57 = high mana. Mana can be added by adding mana 223, mana 53% we can also add mana by time and based on character level but that takes up to much file size.

    Telekinesis is reducing damage dealt to us by opponent. Telekinesis level 31-99 is equal, this means that it doesn’t matter if telekinesis is level 31 or level 99 the TK ratio is the same. For few mana setups we use level 30 Telekinesis. Tk lvl 31+ uses 16 off scores damage only one point of mana. With tk lvl of 30 the mana would be divided into 8 ranges and 8 points damage would be absorbed by 1 point of mana. Set the telekinesis level under the skill tree.

    Mana Regeneration is used to regenerate our mana so that our manapool is kept up. We can add Meditation, warmth from our skill tree and Mana Regeneration% .
    More mana = less mana regeneration if we have to much our mana would go to 0 we can calculate the mana reg here is how to do it.

    (8388607 / our mana)*3000-100= mana regeneration we need

    (8388607/1572863)*3000-100=15900% for mana 1572863 we need 15900% mana regeneration
    (8388607/1310720)*3000-100=19100% for mana 1310720 we need 19100% mana regeneration
    (8388607/1212416)*3000-100=20656% for mana 1212416 we need 20656% mana regeneration

    for mana reg we have warmth sorc skill lvl 99 = 1206% mana reg 255% mana reg to find under other and meditation aura first level would give us 300% mana regeneration and each other level gives us 25%.
    for more informations look at rollsroyce aura guide*-&nbspDiese Website steht zum Verkauf!*-&nbspInformationen zum Thema shadowdiablo.

    Damage Goes to Mana is used to send some of the damage dealt to your characters life to your manapool, its stabilizing your energy shield, this is very useful. This is needed to get the perfect setup.

    Absorb Absorb is used to get heal by your opponents aura damage and get some of it back to your life, this is needed to make your character stand longer. We use absorb based on character level and 1 time 127% Fire, Cold and Light absorb.

    Resistance is used to resist your opponent aura damage so that the damage is reduced. Your resistance doesn’t have to be to high you can actually use -100 resistance for high mana setups. Our resistance is setted up with based on character level – we can use resistance -50% to set our resistance to -100.

    Damage Reduce is a thing we use to reduce the damage dealt from your opponent to us, there is to types of damage reduction the first one is damage reduce+(63) if stacking it up fully we got 178 x 63 = 11.214 damage reduced.The other one is the Damage Reduce%(255%) this is needed for your setup to work, it reduces your opponents damage by 50% per hit.

    Life Regeneration to regenerate our life we need skill Prayer ( number 99 ) we also need this on our right handed skill after energy shield is casted.

    NV Dodge/Avoid/Evade we use 127% NV dodge/avoid/evade to block 99% of all attacks.

    Active Sources, Auras, Smite, etc The Offensive Part
    Auras is used to even damage your opponent, heal yourself, heal your mana pool or return damage back to your opponent. Prayer ( number 99 ) is healing yourself, Barbs aura ( number 296 ) & Thorns ( number 103 ) is giving the damage dealt from your opponent back to themselves, Holy auras is used to send Fire ( number 102 ), Light ( number 118 ) or Cold ( number 114 ) damage to your target every 2 seconds, Oak Sage Aura( number 298 ) is used to give you life ( not healing it but higher it ) and last we have meditation ( number 120 ) which is used to heal your mana pool.

    Active Sources is activating the different auras, we need different active sources for each build we creat to make it work the best possible ways. Also the deactivated sources is helping the activated once doing the different jobs.
    for more informations read the advanced part

    Smite Damage smite is the skill we use to hit our opponent, it is enough to use 1023 base strength + 45 x 779 strength based on character level + 45 x 491 damage + level 63 non class smite ( number 97 ). For further information look at xPerfectSmite clone by bhaad or read later in advanced guide.

    Speed this is the things we use to increase our attack speed, run/walk speed, faster hit recovery and our faster cast rate. We can use increased attack speed and faster run/walk as non-visible 97%.

    Target Defense this is used to lower our opponents defense this makes our smite hit better through his life.

    Attack Rating well for attack rating instead of using a lot of file size we just lower this to a negative value, this can be done by setting dexterity to 1 in our base stats. This sends the attack rating to -45%

    NV-States we use NV state dopplezon ( number 63 ) to improve our attack speed.

    Now that you know a little about the different things and you feel you are ready for the advanced section.

    Diablo II Patch 1.12 Hacking Guide Part 2
    Part 2 – Advanced
    - Joiner Positions
    - Bytes
    Physical Immunity (PI) The Defensive Part
    - Mana
    - Mana Regeneration
    - Damage Goes to Mana
    - Damage Reduce
    - Life
    - Absorb & Resistance
    Active Sources, Auras, Smite, etc The Offensive Part
    - Active Sources
    - Aura
    - Smite Damage
    - Speed

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