Dekaron a9 12 classes windows 10 help

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  1. Mr.Deathalb

    Mr.Deathalb New Member

    hello guys!

    i have a problem with dekaron a9 12 class it wont run (run in background).
    i tried :

    1. Windows DEP Active
    2. Dissable Windows Defender
    3. Reinstall .Net Farmework 3.5
    4. DirectX Reinstall all versions from dx9 to dx12
    5. C++ Redistributable x86 x64 from 2008 - 2017 installed
    6. compatibility windows 7 and run as admin
    7. both client bin dekaron.exe by 9mb and 12mb old rissing and new anticheat exe

    Other old client work without problem a2 or a6 files ...

    Please help me ..
    My Ring :
    AMD FX-6300
    R9 280x tri oc
    Windows 10 1809 Build
    16gb Ram ddr3 1333mh

    I saw other thread like this but no one its helping

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